Michael Karagozian, Esq.

Michael Karagozian serves as a mediator in civil disputes and also consults on real estate matters. Michael’s father was an attorney and taught Michael the fundamentals to our judicial system at a young age. Throughout his life, his schooling, and his career, Michael has been passionate about negotiating, getting to the root of issues, and trying to prevent unnecessary litigation costs to individuals. Michael has mediated numerous cases on a variety of matters. With a background in real estate and civil litigation, Michael brings specific knowledge from his experience to his mediations.

Michael attended the University of California, Santa Barbara where he received his Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology. He then obtained his Juris Doctorate from Loyola Law School, Los Angeles. Michael then went on to achieve his LL.M. in Alternative Dispute Resolution at the University of Southern California, Gould School of Law.

Michael is also currently an adjunct professor at the University of Southern California, Gould School of Law, where he teaches mediation.

Michael Karagozian, esq - Los Angeles