Mediators in Woodland Hills & Los Angeles CA

Conflict Resolution

All of us will experience conflict at some point in our lives. Most of the time, this conflict can be easily resolved by the parties sitting down and discussing the issues and potential solutions. However, there may be times where a third party may need to get involved. If you are looking for some assistance in resolving a conflict you are experiencing, our services can help.

Our mediators, who are also attorneys, in Los Angeles will ensure that you are able to resolve your conflict effectively and fairly. We will listen to all sides, and help you come up with a solution that works for everybody. Regardless of who is involved in the conflict, we will treat all sides fairly and offer personalized solutions.

Restraining Order Mediation

A restraining order can be a challenging situation to deal with. Whether you are looking to get a restraining order against someone or you have a restraining order against you, the process as a whole can be incredibly stressful. Maintaining a restraining order can also provide its own challenges.

If you are looking for professional help with your restraining order, then our mediation services can help. Our mediators, who are also lawyers, are ready to provide you with compassionate mediation services regardless of the situation, and we will do everything we can to ensure the satisfaction of all parties involved.

Real Estate Mediation

There are a variety of reasons why you might be experiencing a real estate dispute. Maybe the conflict is between a landlord and a tenant not paying rent on time. Perhaps a seller failed to disclose important information about the home to the person buying it or there is a dispute between members of a homeowner association. Whatever the reason for the conflict, any conflict that has to do with real estate can be very stressful and challenging to deal with.

If you are experiencing a difficult conflict related to real estate and you would like to avoid litigation, then our mediators are here for you. We will help you come to a non-adversarial solution that works for all parties.

Civil Disputes Mediation

A civil dispute is a situation in which a party might seek out compensation for something that has occurred outside of criminal law. Civil disputes can take many forms. A few examples include property disputes, paternity, marriage dissolution, personal injury, or breach of contract. Dealing with a civil dispute can be a complex, stressful, and time-consuming process. There are some cases where taking your civil dispute to court might be the best solution.

However, there are plenty of other cases where litigation may not be the best route to take. If you are looking to resolve your issues without the costs associated with litigation, then getting the help of a mediator might be the right idea. Sitting down with our mediation team before filing a lawsuit or after filing a lawsuit can help you determine what your options are and save you time and money in the event that a resolution is reached.

Restorative Justice

What is restorative justice?

Restorative justice is an attempt to get offenders to take responsibility for their actions, and find ways to repair the harm they have done.
It aims to get victims and the community involved in decisions about how best this can be done.

How does restorative justice work?

The first step is for the offender to take responsibility for their actions.
They must then meet with the victim, or victims, to discuss the harm they have done.
This is followed by a meeting with the community, where the offender explains what they did and why, and how they plan to make amends.
And finally, the offender makes said amends.
This is often facilitated by a trained professional.

Who can participate in restorative justice?

Persons involved in the offense (offenders, complainants, victims) and their supporters; others identified by the offender or complainant as having played some part in the incident. Community representatives may also be included and finally a trained facilitator.

What are the benefits of restorative justice?

Some benefits of restorative justice include:
– Increased accountability of offenders
– Opportunity for victims to have a voice and be heard
– Reparations or restitution for damages done
– Prevention of future offenses
– Improved relationships within the community

Why should you care about restorative justice?

As a community member, you should care about restorative justice because it can help prevent future offenses and make the community a safer place.
As a victim of crime, you should care about restorative justice because it can give you a voice and allow you to have a say in the judicial process.
As an offender, you should care about restorative justice because it gives an opportunity to make right on past wrongs and it may help keep you out of jail and the “traditional” legal system.

Regardless of the problems you are facing, getting the help of a qualified mediator can make all the difference. While there are certainly some situations where you can resolve conflict on your own, sometimes getting the help of a mediator, who is also a lawyer, is exactly what you need. Are you ready to learn more about our excellent mediation services?