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Michael Karagozian and Allyson Rudolph, seasoned DUI attorneys in Van Nuys, CA, can assist you through the legal process if you are stopped for drunk driving.

The attorneys at Karagozian & Rudolph will examine all aspects of a situation, including the events that led up to the stop, the individual’s medical history, general health, field sobriety tests, and alcohol/drug results.

What are the penalties for DUI convictions in California?

DUI convictions in California come with a variety of penalties, which can vary depending on the circumstances of the case.

The most common DUI penalties include jail time, fines, alcohol programs, license suspensions, ignition interlock device requirement, probation, and other consequences.

DUI penalties are determined by whether it is your first DUI, the circumstances of your DUI arrest, and what DUI defenses you may have.

Aggressive DUI Representation

At our law firm, our attorneys will conduct a comprehensive analysis of your situation. Karagozian & Rudolph will examine every piece of evidence in your case. The legal framework lays out specific conditions under which police must conduct the arrest proceedings before, during, and after the arrest. As your DUI defense attorneys, we safeguard against technicalities and anomalies such as:

  • Whether or not the officer had reasonable suspicion for the stop?
  • Did the officer follow proper procedures?
  • What were the road conditions like at the time of the arrest?
  • How were the Field Sobriety Tests conducted?
  • When was the last calibration of the breathalyzer, if applicable?
  • How was the blood draw conducted, if applicable?

Contact a Van Nuys DUI Lawyer

We know how overwhelming this may all be if you have never been arrested for a DUI before.

That is why our DUI attorneys Michael Karagozian and Allyson Rudolph are here to help you. At our law office we will aggressively fight your charges with a team of knowledgeable, experienced, and dedicated defense attorneys on your side. Your best interests are our main priority when we represent you.

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