3 Ways a DUI Lawyer Helps Make Your Case in Encino CA

The possible outcomes following a DUI arrest in Encino, CA, can be much better when you have a DUI lawyer advocating for you. For example, DUI lawyers know the common law enforcement missteps at DUI stops and can poke holes in the case against you. A DUI lawyer helps your defense in many other ways as well.

1. Knows Potential Weaknesses in the Case Against You

DUI attorneys assess the conditions under which you were stopped and the procedures that authorities followed. It is essential that law enforcement adhere to correct practices. Failure to do so undermines the legitimacy of their results and, of course, the arrest. A DUI lawyer examines issues such as these:

  • Did police officers or other law enforcement have reasonable suspicion for stopping you?
  • Did law enforcement follow the correct procedures?
  • What were the road conditions like?
  • How did the arresting officers or law enforcement conduct the field sobriety tests?
  • When was the last time the breathalyzer was calibrated?
  • How did authorities conduct the blood draw?

2. Understands the Process

Being arrested is overwhelming for anyone (even lawyers! They hire legal representation, too). DUI attorneys understand the entire process such as paperwork requirements and deadlines, bail, fines, possible consequences, the right questions to ask witnesses, how to dispute scientific evidence, DMV procedures and the many court rules. A DUI lawyer works to emphasize the favorable parts of your case while minimizing the points that are less favorable.

Evidence is another critical part of the process. As an example, law enforcement dashcam videos are essential evidence, but you must request them within a certain timeframe or risk the videos being erased. Deadlines are critical, too. 

Just as important, DUI lawyers know the people in the legal system, including clerks, prosecutors and judges. Your lawyer can use those relationships as part of case strategy. Some judges prefer certain approaches while others do not, and it is a huge boost to have someone in your corner who knows the area.

3. Familiar With the Points of Jury Selection

If your case goes to trial, DUI attorneys know about the jurist profiles to seek and have years of experience and/or training. Jury selection is tricky and requires expertise.

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